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Did you know... You don't need ANY experience to join Obsidian Fleet! We offer training courses to help you get into the game. All you need is enthusiasm, creativity, and a desire to have fun!

Obsidian Fleet General Orders

PLEASE NOTE: These rules do not cover every topic; they provide a framework by which the fleet is governed. For our guidelines on more specific topics such as tech, "banned" races, etc., please consult our FAQ here.

GENERAL ORDERS OF OBSIDIAN FLEET - last updated 8th August, 2011

1. All characters must be original and have a full biography created by their players. They must not copy canon Star Trek characters (Kirk, Spock, Picard etc.). It is for the Commanding Officer (or the Office of Personnel Management in their absence) to determine the final acceptability of any character information. Characters are the property of the players creating them and may not be used without their consent save for moving the plot on in a minor and acceptable manner.

2. Regardless of any previous simming experience, a Commanding Officer may require a Fleet Member to sit and pass the Cadet Academy. Until the Fleet Member has passed the Cadet Academy, they may hold rank no higher than Lieutenant (Junior Grade).

3. You will normally be required to post once every fortnight (2 weeks). If you fail do so, you will be given one week's "grace" to post and thereafter you will be removed from the sim. COs may demand different posting requirements than under this General Order and they will inform you of those and you must abide by them. Any amendments to the 2-week general posting requirement must be made clear to unit members by the Commanding Officer upon joining and be posted on the unit website.

4. If you are unable to post for a time, then you may ask for a Leave of Absence (LOA) from your CO, stating when you expect to return. COs should not refuse a request for LOA. Similarly, personnel should not abuse the LOA system.

5. It is for your Commanding Officer to determine promotions/demotions and appointments at their discretion. Promotions are based largely on posting quality and quantity and any other help given with the sim. There are limits on what ranks may hold what positions but allowances can usually be made in certain circumstances.

6. It is the COs sole right to start or end a mission. You should not interfere substantially with the storyline such as finishing the mission early. Please speak to your CO if you wish to substantially change the plot.

7. All Obsidian Fleet sims shall, by default, have a minimum age limit of “13+”. Sims may apply to have a limit of “15+” or “18+” and must comply with the Obsidian Fleet Equal Opportunities Policy in doing so. Unless an applicant is below the age limit for a sim which has properly applied for and gained a higher age limit under the EOP, it is against the EOP to reject an application based solely on the grounds of age.

Regardless of a sim’s age limit, posting language must, at all times, be proper and polite and respectful of other Fleet Members. Fleet Members must exercise good judgment about what is acceptable. Under no circumstances will pornographic or gratuitously violent material be allowed. If in doubt, a player should err on the side of caution.

8. Please keep your posts realistic. There are no such things as nebula-sized quintuple-nacelled Galaxy Classes. If you have 2% structural integrity remaining, you are likely to retreat and repair rather than perform an attack on the Borg home world.

9. You only have 5 posting characters within the whole of Obsidian Fleet. Of these, only one may be a Commanding Officer. You may only have one character per unit. At least one character must be posting.

10. In addition to the 5 characters in General Order 9, you may have an additional 2 non-posting characters (i.e. Fleet Staff personnel.) No character may occupy more than one position except personnel who follow the Operations pathway (CO, TGCO, TFCO, Joint Fleet Command). As long as a character gets promoted through this pathway, they have the option to hold their Fleet staff position as well as their Commanding Officer position as the same character. It is required for T*COs to command their sim with their Fleet Staff character.

11. Obsidian Fleet reserves the absolute right to request and require the removal of any player who is deemed to constitute a risk to the safe gaming environment. A player will be deemed to constitute such a risk by the collective agreement of the Joint Fleet Command, the Judge Advocate General and the next senior member of the Office as determined by the Standing Orders of the Office. The Judge Advocate-General shall also be understood to mean the Acting Judge-Advocate-General or the Commissioners for the Execution of the Office of the Judge Advocate-General.

12. If a Commanding Officer resigns his/her position as Commanding Officer of a sim, he/she will be unable to command a sim in Obsidian Fleet for a period of ninety (90) days, effective from the date of the resignation. The Commanding Officer has a period of seven (7) days, effective from the date of resignation, to withdraw their resignation, and regain their command. After that date, if there is a substantial reason for shortening or suspending this rule, they may submit a written request to their Task Force Commanding Officer and the Joint Fleet Command asking for shortening or suspending this rule.

13. If any Fleet Member is in deemed to be on unexplained leave of absence for a period of two weeks or more, dated from the last communication, the Joint Fleet Command or the relevant superior officer may petition the Office of the Judge Advocate General to have the Member removed from office. The Office of the Judge Advocate General may, at its discretion, permit a one week extension to the time limit. 

Fleet Senior Staff Members who have been removed from office under this General Order may appeal their removal to the Office of the Judge Advocate General. If the appeal is successful, their rank shall be restored and they shall be appointed as a Staff Advisor until the next FSS position arises.

The same appeal procedure shall apply to any other Fleet Member, with the relative rank and next appropriate office available.

14. No Fleet Member may use the IFS to enter, alter, obtain or access data without authorisation from the Joint Fleet Command and subject to such conditions as they may impose. In the event the Joint Fleet Command cannot agree on a matter under this General Order, the wishes of the Data Controller shall prevail. Theft (or the unauthorized removal) of email addresses, ages, or any information held on the system relating to a Fleet Member in person (i.e. their real name, real age etc.) is an offence contrary to the Fleet Law and the mandatory punishment is removal from the Fleet (except in exceptional circumstances proven to JAG). It is also may be an offence under the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and may render you liable to prosecution.

Generally Ordered,

The Fleet Council

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October 19, 2017
Stardate 71800.5



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