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Sienae Rehu

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Here in Obsidian Fleet, our commitment is to you, the player. We aim to provide a safe and fun roleplaying experience for everyone.

On January 18, 2011

Civilian Tharek Getal (Deep Space Five)

received the

Character of the Year

Character of the Year

with the following reason:
Reason: I've been thinking about roleplayer of the year, and having been here a year, I'd like to nominate Ben, mostly for Tharek Getal, but for some other things as well. Firstly, it takes guts and nerve to play a truly vile character. Tharek is a villain through and through, There is no depth to which he will not sink, and rarely uses anything but intimidation and violence to get his own way, as was seen in : http://ds5.co.uk/sms/index.php?page=post&id=995 and: http://ds5.co.uk/sms/index.php?page=post&id=1038 Culminating in his committing a crime worse than simple murder, that truly underlines Getal's heinous character, and both highlighted why, and respected the fact that DS5 is a 15 certificate 'production' - "Tea and..." proving the nadir of his villainy. http://ds5.co.uk/sms/index.php?page=post&id=1067 Ben has stuck with the foulness through thick and thin, despite having pretty much every character on board wanting to take him down. He has slowly built up Getal's descent into a functioning insanity, and has also played with the unintended consequences of his actions, in the development of his relationship with Yolanthe, from drug induced sexual conquest, to a declaration of love: http://ds5.co.uk/sms/index.php?page=post&id=1130 http://ds5.co.uk/sms/index.php?page=post&id=1617 In short, Tharek has become a fixture of DS5, and an icon of evil that everyone either hates, or loves to hate, and against whom most of the player base has been drawn into a conspiracy against, adding fuel to the story mill and getting everyone involved alongside the command led missions, with Darson, Isha, Whitlock, Denat Meran and Rianni being the key PCs lined against him, and a cast of thousands on the (P)NPC front. But its not just Tharek that Ben deserves this award for. With his two PNPCs, Sotar and Lemat, he has shown that he has a touch for melodrama and tragedy, with the star-crossed friendship of Sotar with his Romulan opposite, Arrienye t'Merek which has its ups and downs, and is now skirting a shy and difficult attempt at (possibly doomed) romance, in a sweet and believable way across several posts. Lemat is another character he has tried to develop, Gender bending is not always easy, certainly not a skill I've ever mastered, and he managed to present Lemat as a believable woman, with ambitions, insecurities, and opinions of her own: http://ds5.co.uk/sms/index.php?page=post&id=1121 http://ds5.co.uk/sms/index.php?page=post&id=1124 I realise that I might be biased, given my character's relationship with Ben, but that aside, I've found his posts entertaining, and he has always managed to surprise me, pleasantly, every time we have jp'd, and the sheer fact he has helped at least one person have a whale of a time is worth of recognition by at least the nomination, if not the award. Kind regards and many thanks Notty

Since receiving this award, Tharek Getal transferred to Deleted Characters.

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September 25, 2017
Stardate 71734.1



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