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Obsidian Fleet - Ordinary People, Extraordinary Circumstances!

On January 29, 2012

Lieutenant Commander Kestra Elburn (USS Pacific)

received the

Character of the Year

Character of the Year

with the following reason:
I would like to nominate Kestra Elburn for the Character of the Year for a variety of reasons. Both in-character and out she has made a huge impact on the SIM since her arrival just over a year and a half ago.For all of her efforts she holds therank of Lieutenant Commander - a rank I do not assign lightly. I can think of no-one more well suited for the award.

In-character, Elburn is our Chief Medical Officer, which can sometimes be a thankless and difficult position to fill, but an important one nonetheless. In addition to performing her duties, Elburn has been able to skillfully weave interesting character development and plot twists into her posts. She makes Sickbay come to life in a way that is often hard to do. Her Sickbay is always full of interesting NPCs that you really care about, and her main character is so nuanced I sometimes forget she is a fictional character at all. Her in-character posts are a joy to read. If you don't believe me, I have attached a sample post below.

Fundamentally, Kestra Elburn is a fantastic writer. She clearly puts lots of time and love into her writing. Her character is very well rounded and fully developed, from her overbearing parents to her rocky love life. Kestra's decision to become a single mother has been a focal point for the character over the course of the last year, and has served to showcase many different aspects of the character. When the character who is father to Kestra's children left the game, it was a challenge for Kestra to overcome, but she embraced it as an opportunity for adding more drama to Kestra's life. Kestra is very in-tune with her character, able to climb into her mind and think like her and has thus made her a very realistic and relatable person.

Out-of-character, Elburn has been agreat help to me as a CO and is a joy to work with. I honestly cannot even begin to describe how much she has helped the sim over the past year. Not only is she always excited to work with any of her fellow players on joint posts, she often takes the initiative to begin joint posts with others. She is an active member of the simm's community, always friendly and always helpful. The Pacific is very fortunate to have a player and a writer of her quality. She is always willing to take new crew members under her wing to show them the ropes. I cannot thank her enough for the work she does. This award would only scratch the surface of my appreciation of her efforts.

Her behind the scenes efforts have in many ways shaped the current state of the sim. I cannot imagine my sim any other way, nor could I fathom what it would be like without her around. She performs her tasks willingly and with no expectation of acknowledgement or reward. I am proud of her accomplishments thus far, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Kestra Elburn is the ideal player, and is more than deserving of the Character of the Year Award.

Nominated by: Adm. A'rea

Since receiving this award, Kestra Elburn transferred to Deleted Characters.

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September 25, 2017
Stardate 71734.1



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