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Sienae Rehu

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On March 15, 2017

Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi (USS Cavalry)

received the

Character of the Year

Character of the Year

with the following reason:
This was a hard nomination, but I am nominating Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi, Marine Commanding Officer, USS Cavalry for this award. Having been part of the Cavalry family now for well over two years now, 2016 was a particularly tough year for our Marine boss. Countless times over the past twelve months, I would receive resignation emails from players who were leaving the simulation and would, in a roundabout way, blame their resignation on Bayushi’s character, simply because they didn’t want to write with her because of the quality and the way that the character is written and has been created. The Colonel quite knew that the resignations were because of her character, but she never let onto that, and never let it get to her, she just kept on moving forward and writing on the simulation. I know the character quite well, having seen (from afar) the quality of writing and the quality of the character when Bayushi was on the USS London, and to be blessed with having this amazing character join the USS Cavalry just over a month after the USS London shut down, gave me the energy that things were going well on the simulation. Since that day, Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi has made the marine department her own, and has been more involved in our storylines that any other marine that I have seen. She always gets involved, finds ways to have the marines involved, brings in NPCs to assist with the storylines to ensure that the marines are playing a part in the storyline, all the time while not stepping on the toes of any other department. I have seen many simulations across the time find it hard to fit in both the marines and security departments into storylines without someone stepping on someone else’s toes, but Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi has never done that, having seen no less than four different Security chiefs, the Colonel has made it a priority to work together with every other crewmember on board to focus on the five qualities that the simulation prides itself on, that being friendship, quality, teamwork, family and of course, respect. Captain Samuel Wentworth Commanding Officer, USS Cavalry

Since receiving this award, Kachiko Bayushi transferred to USS Merlin.

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September 25, 2017
Stardate 71734.1



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