Obsidian Fleet Banner Exchange - Exchange Rules
1. Obsidian Fleet reserves the right to remove or alter member accounts at any time.

2. Members are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of all submitted information, including, but not limited to, banner URLs, target URLs, and contact information. Member accounts that contain 0 (zero) valid banner URLs or inactive/dead target URLs will be removed and users will need to resubmit their application.

3. Members are required to keep an active, valid e-mail address on file. Obsidian Fleet will use this e-mail address ONLY to send announcements and updates regarding the exchange. Returned emails will be sufficient cause to remove the associated member from the exchange.

4. Members may only have one account with the exchange. In that one account, members may only have a maximum of 5 (five) banner slots.

5. Banner Exchange HTML code must be placed in public locations and/or pages accessible to non-registered viewers.

6. Accounts found not to be properly displaying the Obsidian Fleet Banner Exchange code, or otherwise found in violation of these rules, shall be removed from rotation.

7. Banners may not contain pornographic, vulgar, derogatory, or similar material. Additionally, links may not direct to pornographic, vulgar, derogatory, or similar materials.