Obsidian Command.  The central hub of all activity for the Ninth Fleet’s operations, a powerful beacon of trade, strength and support along the unstable Neutral Zone that has stood the test of time and periods of uncertainty.  The starbase is home to the Ninth Fleet’s Joint Fleet Command and Admiralty team, overseeing all aspects of the large fleet’s management and operations.  Orbiting the Class-x planet, Loki, Obsidian Command has received modernization of its key systems and restocked its supplies as it now enters a new era.  The Fleet looks towards the planet below for colonization, while it keeps a watchful eye on the Neutral Zone and the Klingon skirmishes.

Obsidian Command

Admiral Sharr, the member of the Joint Fleet Command responsible for overseeing the station’s overhaul, has appointed Captain Ovik of the U.S.S. August as the Station Commander, assigned the August as one of the garrison-vessels and the crew re-assigned as key personnel for the starbase.  When asked about the change, Admiral Sharr stated;

“The Federation is entering a new era, not only are we supporting the Romulan people in their remarkable recovery from the Hobus disaster but in redeveloping the Obsidian Colony on the planet below.  We sit in a key area and it is our duty to keep our people safe, watch the horizon from any threats and become the primary hub of activity and trade in this sector.  To support us in this, I have asked Captain Ovik, of the U.S.S. August to oversee the Station and recalled Obsidian Fleet Admiralty to their rightful home, Obsidian Command.”

The U.S.S. August and her crew transfer from Task Force 72 to the Ninth Fleet’s Independent Operations as part of the first phase of the Fleet’s restructure, we reached out to Captain Ovik who had this to say about the transfer;

“While I and the crew of the U.S.S. August are surprised in a way, we are delighted to take on this change and the challenge therein. Given our recent experience with the Romulan Star Empire and dealings with other related forces, it is highly logical that we assist Starfleet and the Federation in this sector of space. Further, it will allow our crew to grow more than we thought initially with the launching of the August some time ago. We are honoured, and I am confident we will do this command assignment justice.”

We thank Admiral Sharr and Captain Ovik for their time.  Keep an eye on Obsidian Command’s progress by visiting them here!