TF-72’s Noteworthy Post of the Month for August is “Back at the Ranch,” written for the USS Elysium by Commander Liselle Qwyyn and Commander Gary Taylor.  In it we find Qwyyn and Taylor on the holodeck, forging bonds while facing down villains in an Old West town. It’s fun to read these two players roleplaying their Starfleet characters who are in turn roleplaying a pair of gunslingers. The setting is vivid and there are also moments of humor (best line: “Qwyyn raised a brow. She wasn’t sure if she was loco or if she wasn’t loco. She hadn’t come across the word before. More research for later”). Task Force 72 salutes these players for their creativity.


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  • September 7, 2017 at 7:13 pm
    Love this post and love the fact that my XO and chief of Flight are so talented! Liselle is a Bit Loco ;) but we love her more for it!

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