Tensions are said to be high at Obsidian Command, with scheduled peace talks with the Romulan Government set to take place despite rising concerns over security.

With station commander Captain Ovik and most of his senior staff away on an assignment, responsibility has fallen upon recently arrived Lt Commander Lance to oversee the arrangements and attempt to manage not only the Romulans but also the butting-heads of the respective Starfleet and Federation security teams.

Complicating matters has been the sudden loss of four of the station’s fighters while on routine patrol, with only one surviving pilot able to relay the message that an odd ‘stealthed’ ship was responsible. Reportedly this was followed by a cryptic message delivered directly and personally to Lt Commander Lance that a group calling themselves ‘Penumbra’ were responsible.

Later findings from the security teams revealed the sinister background of this apparent terrorist organisation – an anti-Romulan cult convinced that a war is inevitable, and that the Federation should strike first.

Despite the shortage of manpower and an off-site marine detachment Starfleet has insisted that the talks go ahead, leaving a weary and stretched team to ensure that the delegates are protected and peace can be achieved…


(composed by Lieutenant Commander Amaya Lance [aka Paul], Executive Officer of Obsidian Command)



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