Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – December 2017

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Wow, 2017 is done and gone. It was interesting and certainly saw a lot of good, positive changes in the Fleet. The JFC is looking forward to a similarly progressive 2018 as we settle into our changes and build for the future.

So… this month…

Fleet News!
Fleet Project Recap!

Fleet News

This month has been steady as she goes with only a few minor alterations in TF leadership. The biggest portion of all that is that Admiral Sepandiyar (MGEN MacTaryn), due to RL time constraints, is stepping out of the TF72-CO role early so that the focus is on Triadic Duties and not trying to split that time between two roles to the detriment of either. Commodore Farragut of the Endeavor (TF-XO) will be responsible for TF-72 under Sepandiyar’s (MacTaryn’s) tutelage for the near future.

Fleet Council wise this month we’re sad to report that Rear Admiral Samuel Bishop of I&D has tendered his resignation. But fear not, Admiral DuLac along with the I&D team will soldier on with the changes proposed as we look for a new I&D Director. In other news as well, with the year over, we’ll be reviewing the nominations for the annual awards and then voting on that. So expect to hear more on that soon!

IC, we’ve got some excellent storylines going on.

  • USS Vesta has just finished up the first Antarian trans-stellar Relay the Federation has participated in since Voyager in the 2370’s.
  • The USS Nightingale is dealing with a major ecological disaster on a terraformed colony leading to a mass evacuation.
  • The USS Archimedes is playing with psychedelic Dark-Matter (yeah baby!).
  • and The USS Yorktown is discovering that the game of politics is more deadly than love and war.

We certainly love reading these interesting and creative story lines, and encourage you all to keep that discussion going in the #fleet-general or #co-lounge. There’s so many good ideas out there!

Lot’s of interesting plots and ideas in the monthly CO reports this month, good job on reporting that information. It gives us all a little insight into the health and creativity of a simm, and also serves as a great recruiting tool for those that may not have a simm in mind but are doing their research on the site. Every detail you can provide in the reports is encouraged (including details like USS Portland provided: btw, your XO IS in fact awesome, thanks for sharing!). We know it can be difficult for you to come up with something to write in every box, especially if it’s been a slow or a bad month. But this information is so important, so please avoid the all-encompassing ‘nothing happened this month’. More is more 🙂


Projects Updates


The same changes we’ve been working on the last few months are in progress. With the slight hiccup of losing RADM Bishop in the I&D role, but we don’t anticipate any lengthy delays in this one.


The Lore team is assembled and moving forward with new ideas and the consolidation of the various aspects of ST-Canon into something comprehensible for us as a Fleet. Stay tuned for more information on that as we move forward.


Are now under the purview of Commodore Gravis. He’s currently reviewing the progress and will be reporting on this in the OMA reports going forward.


The Academy re-development is still ongoing. COAL is going through some tweaks before being sent for a sanity check, we hope to have a draft ready during February. As previously stated, all non-mandatory courses are suspended until further notice. We will be running some focus groups in the coming weeks, should you like to register your interest please email [email protected] with your details and what aspects of the Academy interest you.

That’s all for this month folks. Happy Simming!


Admiral’s Sepandiyar, Sharr and DuLac.