Task Force 47 January 2018 Report 1

Right, another month down, the first of 2018, no less. This month, we’ve seen the departure of a TGCO so it’s been a little hectic. However, we’re working on it. This month’s report will be structured as follows;

1. Introduction
2. Summary
3. Awards
4. Conclusion
5. Open Positions

So, yeah, as stated above, we’ve lost a TGCO this month. We ran applications for a new TGCO, and, despite some promising applications, we have not selected a permanent TGCO for 47-C. To that end, Commodore Alenis Meru will continue to run 47-C for the foreseeable future. We have, however, assigned Commander Tyler Malbrook from the Pioneer as the SSCO for 47-C. He will be helping Commodore Alenis in the running of the Task Group until such a time as a permanent TGCO is selected.

Now, for the sum up:

Total Number of Ships: 23
Total Number of Ships with CO’s: 15
Total Number of Active Ships: 13
Total Number of Ships Which Did Not Submit Reports: 1
Total Number of Open Commands: 8

We’ve lost a couple of CO’s this month, which is unfortunate. However, I’m confident we can, in time, rebuild our TF. A reshuffle of simms will occur within the next few weeks to balance the TF more evenly.

Anyway, with that, I would like to move onto what you’re all here for; Awards.

This month I’ve received reward nominations from all my TG’s, which is really nice to be honest. However, I only had to pick a silver and gold, and I think I made the correct decisions in this matter. I hope.

Silver: USS Defiant (47-I): “I’d like to begin this nomination by holding my hands up and saying the Defiant is a sim I leave to her own devices. This isn’t due to any neglect, it’s due to the confidence I have in Captain James and his crew. As the expression goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They bring out some good plot lines and, to be frank, some rather excellent writing. I know I always see him engaging with the fleet, and the sim is, if I’m honest, just a fine example of how a sim should run. This is why I’ve decided to give them this award, in recognition of all their hard work. Well done to him and his crew!” (Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster, TF47 TFCO)

Gold: USS Juno (47-A): “The captain of the Juno was in communication with me a lot during the last few weeks. He was incredibly eager to finish COAL. And at the same time, he has been writing like a fiend as has his crew. I don’t like to see UoM as rewards for new sims but you have to appreciate and respect the work he has been putting in. I hope it continues!” (Captain Malcom Llwyedd, Tg47-A TGCO)

Well done to our winners for this month. Now, the boring bit.

The conclusion…

… Is where we wrap things up. Haha gotcha!

Anyway, in all seriousness, the Task Force is entering 2018 with some changes. But that’s the very nature of our games. We don’t change, we get left behind and we stop having fun. So I for one am excited! So well done everyone and let’s keep this party going!

Open Positions:

Commanding Officer (7):

USS Constitution (Constitution AU Class)
USS Intrepid (Constitution AU Class)
USS Hercules (Prometheus Class)
USS Calypso (Steamrunner Class)
USS Cheron (New Orleans Class)
USS Nagasaki (Akira Class)
USS Cross (Insignia Class)

Executive Officer (2):

USS Tranquility (Majestic Class)
USS Pioneer (Intrepid Class)

Chief Science Officer (2):

USS Imperator (Sovereign Class)
USS Guinevere (Excalibur Class)

Chief Security / Tactical Officer (1):

USS Valkyrie (Centaur Class)

Chief Flight Control Officer (7):

USS Imperator (Sovereign Class)
USS Portland (Miranda Class)
USS Arcadia (Elysium Class)
USS Apollo (Intrepid Class)
USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)
USS Tranquility (Majestic Class)
USS Sarek (Sovereign Class)

Chief Medical Officer (3):

USS Arcadia (Elysium Class)
USS Apollo (Intrepid Class)
USS Guinevere (Excalibur Class)

Chief Engineer (2):

USS Juno (Vesta Class)
USS Valkyrie (Centaur Class)

Chief of Operations (3):

USS Juno (Vesta Class)
USS Arcadia (Elysium Class)
USS Guinevere (Excalibur Class)

Chief Counselor (4):

USS Defiant (Constitution AU Class)
USS Juno (Vesta Class)
USS Valkyrie (Centaur Class)
USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)



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