Task Force 72 – January Report

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It goes without saying that January has been a surprisingly busy month for Task Force 72, yet despite the challenges the Task Force preformed extremely well.  As usual the leadership team and the simulation leaders maintained excellent communication at all levels through Discord and traditional mediums.  Through it all we’ve had several personnel changes, new sims, and strong performances from our ships and stations.

Changes and Additions

While I fill in as Acting TF CO, the CO of the Yorktown, Lamar David, has stepped up to take over TG 72C.  Please join me in congratulating him on the change.

In addition, I am pleased to welcome two new CO’s into our ranks for January.  First, we have Aranis T’San (Sol Zano) taking the reigns of the USS Cassiopeia under the care of Commodore Harrington in TG 72B.  Second we have Logan Barrett (Vox Portland) assuming command of the USS Orion under Commander David in TG 72C.   Please congratulate both in Discord or here in the comments!

This month did see the end of the USS Temperance NX-era simulation after some inactivity and recruiting challenges.

Task Force Status

While personnel changes dominated discussions for the month of January, the Task Force itself maintained a steady stream of activity and continued to produce quality writing and content.  This month has a lot of us getting oriented to our new roles and responsibilities, myself included, so I appreciate everyone’s patience while I get my feet wet and adjust to the job.  Discord continues to serve as our primary point of coordination and communication, and I encourage everyone here to make sure their simulations have an active discord server and that players participate in the general Fleet channel and your task force specific channels.  These are great places to ask questions, help others, and coordinate story writing.

We have a few interesting story concepts kicking around the Task Force at the moment.  In addition to the fleet-wide lore project, 72 has several simulations working in close concert together for a rich, shared universe.  Mac is continuing to develop an inter-sim assassination attempt plot that should have some details soon.

TF 72 has several open simulations for anyone interested in taking the center chair.  I’m pleased to say we have a fantastic group of TGCOs here in 72 that serve as excellent role models for aspiring COs.  If you’re interested in taking the center chair, please reach out to anyone in TF 72 leadership or our excellent group of COs if you have questions about the process or what its like to write in the TF.  We look forward to you joining our ranks!

TF Command Openings:

  • USS Temperance NX-Era Simulation
  • USS Columbia TME-Era Simulation

TF 72A Command Openings:

  • USS Shanghai Akira Class
  • IKS Kor Klingon Bird of Prey (this is the last month it will be available)

TF 72B Command Openings:

  • Starbase 50
  • USS Stalwart Defiant Class
  • USS Mercury Intrepid Class

TF 72C Command Openings:

  • USS Mariner Intrepid Class


We have two sims deserving of recognition this month.

First, the USS Elysium has continued to demonstrate strong performance warranting the Gold UoM for the month of January.  With a strong post count, dedication from its players, the sim continues to be an excellent example in 72 and across the fleet.  This nomination came from two separate TGs, and I can’t argue with that kind of recognition.  Congratulations to the USS Elysium and her players for Gold UoM for January!

Second, one of our more unconventional sims also had a strong showing for the month of January: Langley Station.  Combining a colony and an orbital facility, the sim’s leader has brought together a creative team of independent writers.  In the TGCO’s words:

Langley Station is my choice this month for the UOM award. Kate has been working extremely hard at building a real world. Her station is not just an isolated entity in space, it also comes with a living breathing colony world that has seen its ups and downs. Kate and her crew are deserving of the award because they have put in so much work and continue to create quality posts in great numbers.

Congratulations to both The USS Elysium and Langley Station!