Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – Feb 2018

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And welcome to another month, another JFC Report!

In this edition!

  • Obsidian Fleet Goes Social
  • Some Awards Get Announced
  • Some Stuff Happened in Projects
  • Some Staff News

IFS2 Updates

This month I’ve spent most of it trying to stop the pesky bots from registering so we don’t get PM spammed again. I’ve tightened up some of the controls around registration – mostly by adding a few Captcha-style things to it. Like Invisible Recaptcha is now turned on for a lot more things – basically the CAPTCHA’s in the Register/Login button and not being on a box that says “I am not a robot” so you might provoke it – and I’ve added a Human CAPTCHA where you might get asked a question or two. Hopefully that’ll stop some of the weirder spam issues.

I’ve also turned on two new parts to the system. The first of which make it easier for us to share news across social media platforms, so any news submitted to IFS2 goes to our Awesome Facebook Page and our Awesome Twitter Feed. It’s a good way for you to get your news out there as players and you can use the Submit News form to do it!

The second part is I’ve enabled sign-on via accounts. This also means you can do some bits from the WordPress apps, like submit news. Might not be too handy, but might be.

There’s also another bit which is quite cool, we’re still trying to work out how to use it though but it’ll be awesome. I promise.

Some Awards News!

I know these have been delayed (my fault!) so here we go …

CO of the Year

Well, this one’s been a bit unusual and part of the delay. We ended up in a dead heat between two CO’s. Some might say the Fleet Council have been awkward buggers and done it deliberately.

So congratulations to Captain Greg Farragut, USS Endeavour and Commander Tyler Malbrooke, USS Pioneer! You’re both winners! Also congratulations need to go to Captain Phoenix Lalor, USS Elysium and Captain Captain Malcolm Llwyedd, USS Firebird.

XO of the Year

Again, this one was another close run. 1 vote separated the two nominations. So congratulations to Commander Gary Taylor, USS Elysium! Congratulations to Lieutenant Yara Blackwater, USS Valkyrie for a very close second place.

Character of the Year

Unfortunately we didn’t have any nominations for this one. We’re going to re-run this one on Obsidian Day and award it then.

Projects News

Fleet Rules

Commodore Gravis is going to cover this in his report.

Fleet Tech

We’ve got specifications for three new fighter craft finalised now, which will be replacing some of the existing fleet fighters. These will be going to the Fleet Council for approval shortly. There’s also at least one new runabout design which will be coming and replacing one or two of the current runabout roster – since it takes the best parts of two of them and smooshes them together into one design.

Fleet Lore

Well, I’ve designed a map for us to use. Though I’m trying to make it look less like I traced one from a Star Trek book I scanned in so it’s not usable yet.

We’ve also started having some conversations around how the Federation is structured ahead of doing some Database articles to help CO’s and Players get a point of reference for their storylines.

du Lac’s Song of the Month

Gotta be this, by The Weekend and Kendrick Lamar and features on the most awesome film of the month (Black Panther!)


Next month! See ya!