Wanted: Volunteers for Obsidian Day

‘lo folks,

In just over three months, Obsidian Fleet will celebrate its 17th Birthday and its second Obsidian Day celebrations.

During this time we will look back at the past year, reflect on the fantastic things that the community has achieved, the hard work of our members and the progress we have made as a group.

While we have a few things we are hoping to release in July, we are looking for volunteers to get involved in ensuring that Obsidian Day is successful, fun and enjoyable and reaches a wide audience.

At this time I am looking for a select few dedicated people to help me organise and run the event, so what is entailed of this small committee?

  • We will look at new ways to involve our members
  • Promote & advertise the event
  • Organise ‘sessions’ leading up to, and through, the official event,
  • Organise activities, competitions and more

These are but a few of the key things we will be doing, I want Obsidian Fleet to build on the success we had last year and celebrate the Fleet’s continued success and longevity, of which we couldn’t have done without our fantastic members.

If you are interested, or just have an idea for the Obisidan Day celebrations, then please drop an email to [email protected]




PS. Golden PADD will be back!

Author: sharr

Currently a member of the Obsidian Fleet Joint Fleet Command and Data Controller. Having risen through the positions within the community from CO, TGCO to TFCO of Task Force 47 and then taking the position of JFC in 2011, Sharr has seen many changes to the community in a short period and has been part of the vanguard team to redesign and modernise the Fleet in 2017.