Late to the game as usual, the Task Force 72 report arrives from rain-soaked Portland, Oregon ready to deliver the good news. As my counterpart in 47 noted, this was a big month of change for all of us here: GDPR. While it was a great deal of adjustment for all of us, I’m glad to see we’ve managed to struggle through it and implement the privacy policy changes across our sims with only a few exceptions remaining. Aside from GDPR we had a few simulation changes, planned organizational adjustments in Task Force 72, and awards!

Simulation Updates [Formerly Changes and Additions]

This month saw the departure of the USS Rook led by Commander Stuart. Due to time constraints and personnel departures, she felt it was best to retire the Rook. In her time with us, Abi put together an active and well crafted simulation. We all wish her well and hope she has the opportunity to lead another simulation in the future.

We have no new simulations this month, but we do have some changes coming to the Task Group structure. Because of a few departures and several newer simulations joining TF 72, we have decided to shuffle the simulations around to provide the TGCOs with a more balanced load of simulations and commanding officer experience. We will be reaching out to each CO via email with details on the new assignments. We already began playing around with this idea a few months ago and with the recent commanding officer changes, we believe this is the best time to move folks around and give everyone the best space to write together and learn from each other.

Task Force Status

We have several open commands in Task Force 72 that I encourage everyone in 72 and across the fleet to explore. We’re always interested in new or experienced players taking the reigns and creating a new space for our players to write in and explore the Star Trek universe. We have a healthy mix of old and new COs ready and able to help with everyone from site creation, character development, story planning, and crossovers. Please seek out anyone in Task Force 72 Command if you have questions about the CO application process or want to discuss the possibility of running your own simulation.

Open Commands

TF Command Openings:

  • USS Temperance NX-Era Simulation
  • USS Columbia TME-Era Simulation

TF 72A Command Openings:

  • USS Shanghai Akira Class
  • USS Stalwart Defiant Class
  • USS Rook Luna Class

TF 72B Command Openings:

  • USS Artemis Prometheus Class (Replacing IKS Kor)

TF 72C Command Openings:

  • USS Mariner Intrepid Class
  • USS Athena Prometheus Class (Replacing USS Pico)

Open Positions

Our third open positions survey saw nearly 100% participation from our Commanding Officers. Remember, this is free advertising for your simulation’s open positions! Gregnol posts the link in the weeks before the reporting period in the Task Force CO channel. Keep your eyes peeled! And if you missed it or have questions about the survey please reach out to any of us in CO chat or through DMs!

  • Chief Science Officer
    • USS Nogura
    • USS  Yorktown
  • Chief Security and Tactical Officer
    • USS Endeavour
    • USS Vesta
  • Chief Flight Control Officer
    • USS Mercutio
    • USS Yorktown
    • USS Vesta
  • Chief Medical Officer
    • Langley Station
    • USS Endeavour
  • Chief Engineer
    • Langley Station
    • USS Mercutio
  • Chief of Operations
    • SS Mary Rose
    • USS Nogura
  • Chief Counsellor
    • USS Nogura
    • USS Endeavour
  • Chief Intelligence Officer
    • USS Nogura
    • USS Vesta
  • Executive Officer
    • USS Yorktown
  • Other Positions
    • Civilian Director
      • SS Mary Rose
      • Langley Station
    • Chief Diplomatic Officer
      • USS Nogura
      • USS Endeavour
    • Chief Strategic Operations Officer – USS Vesta


After much deliberation and bribery, er, consultation, Harrington and I decided two of our TGCOs and their simulations were deserving of recognition. May was a challenging month on several levels – many of our simulations saw slumps in activity, we saw personnel departures, a simulation closure, and a massive overhaul of simulation privacy policies that required work from everyone. Two individuals stood out through this experience: Lamar David of the Yorktown and Yoshi Minawara of the Vesta. Both saw strong posting activity and underwent story or site changes that can be tough to manage without the external factors at play. Both COs and their players demonstrated a strong commitment to the simulations, putting forward good content, and staying united through the month’s challenges.

To the USS Yorktown, I present the Gold Unit of Merit for strong storytelling, insightful leadership, and player commitment through the end of the ship’s first mission and the launch of a new plot.

To the USS Vesta, I present the Silver Unit of Merit for staying active through a site transition, putting forward quality content, and the leadership shown by her CO.

Congratulations to both of you, and I look forward to seeing what both sims put forward for the month of June.


Looking ahead we have Obsidian Day on the Horizon and the Golden PADD award for 2018! These are exciting opportunities for players to get together and share their talents and experiences in Obsidian Fleet. The Golden PADD is a great way to put your writing on display and share your talents with the fleet. We’re all here to write and create together in the Star Trek universe, so if you have an idea that’s in need of a venue look no further than the Golden PADD! A link with information on this year’s contest is below. Keep an eye out in the Obsidian Fleet Discord chat for updates on Obsidian Day and share your experiences with the rest of your friends and colleagues!




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