It is with great pleasure that we have announced the Golden PADD entries and our winner!

Each story was scored by a set of judges, whose identity had been kept secret until now! (see below). They all scored each entry based on a standardised set of criteria and submitted it to Myrkul Sharr, who was leading the competition, who collated the scores.  Once finalised a clear winner (though it was very close) had been selected and it is now, on Obsidian Day, that we are proud to reveal the participants and their hard work, the winner of the competition and of course, the Judges.

Our Winner:

Starfleet Marines” by Andrew Horman.  An excellent story from a talented author!  We will be catching up with them shortly for a quick interview!


Here are our entries, click on the title to go to their work (they are in no particular order)!


Starfleet MarinesAndrew Horman
Posmatra’s EchoJake Beaver
EidolonKristi Henry
The Last RebelSilas Bren
WW3Peter Miller
Honor Among ThievesCarin


I would love to give a very special thank you to our three esteemed judges, Oliver Lancaster, Phoenix Lalor & Ajon Mox from Obsidian Fleet and Jon White a client from Utopia Host.



Author Myrkul Sharr
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