Well another month has come and gone, and we are getting closer and closer to the holiday season; a little too close if you ask me.  But, alas here we are. So a run down of updates for the month of August. First off, for those who haven’t heard our Commodore Farragut is taking a little time for himself while he tends to family needs.  The members of the Task Force Command wish him all the best and hopes he returns soon… really soon.. like now.

I mean, us… alone.. without supervision.  No one email Sharr this time, ok!

Task Force Status

In August, we saw the closure of Starbase Protector, but we also saw the arrival of the USS Majestic and Haumea Colony.  Both of which have passed their COALS and we here in 72 wish both Commanders the best of luck in there new adventures. It is always exciting and at times frustrating getting that shiny new simm off the ground.  So don’t hesitate to peak into the CO Chat and pester your fellow Commanding Officers when you need assistance. We are all here to help, just ask!

Behind the scenes, myself and Gregnol have started working on a Task Force Recruitment plan and are eagerly looking for volunteers to help with ad placement, general discussion, and writing advertisements.  If you are an interested member and would like to spread the word of the great things happening in Task Force 72, message either Harrington (Jakers#5080) or Gregnol(goldun#8667).  Along with this, I’d like to remind everyone to make use of the Task Force Vacancies Document; this will help communicate the current needs of the Task Force each month.

Open Commands

TF Command Openings:

  • USS Temperance NX-Era Simulation
  • USS Columbia TME-Era Simulation

TF 72A Command Openings:

  • USS Athena Prometheus Class
  • USS Rook Luna Class

TF 72B Command Openings:

  • USS Artemis Prometheus Class
  • Starbase 249 Spacedock Class

TF 72C Command Openings:

  • USS Mariner Intrepid Class

Open Positions

Chief Science Officer

  • USS Yorktown
  • USS Cassiopeia
  • USS Nightingale
  • USS Nogura

Chief Security / Tactical Officer

  • USS Endeavour
  • USS Nogura
  • SS Mary Rose

Chief Flight Control Officer

  • USS Mercutio

Chief Medical Officer

  • USS Yorktown
  • Langley Station

Chief Engineer

  • USS Yorktown
  • USS Mercutio
  • Langley Station
  • USS Nightingale


Chief of Operations

  • USS Elysium
  • USS Nightingale
  • USS Nogura

Chief Counsellor

  • USS Cassiopeia
  • USS Endeavour
  • USS Vesta
  • USS Orion

Chief Diplomatic Officer

  • USS Endeavour
  • USS Nogura

Chief Intelligence Officer

  • USS Vesta



  • Civilian Director – SS Mary Rose
  • Signaller – SS Fawkes

Awards And Promotions

It is my privilege to award the Silver UoM this month to the USS Orion.  Great job and a hearty congrats to the Commanding Officer and all his crew; well done!!


“It was a difficult decision this month as many in 72-B have shown dramatic improvement in their ships as a whole.  But as there can be only one winner, and the USS Orion showed themselves to be more than worthy of an award. They have a great sense of teamwork, they work well together and seem to be supporting each other to get involved in the storyline.” -Captain Rueben Gregnol


For the gold award this month, the nominations have been turned over to the Triad and they will be handling the announcement this month’s Gold UoM.



As we move into September, I look forward to working with our new Commanders and their players.  We are very excited to see the continual growth here in Task Force 72. I would like to encourage everyone to continue using the Discord as you have and foster a friendly and welcoming environment. In addition, reach out to other groups of players you don’t normally play or write with; especially our new members.  Help make them feel welcomed and a part of the team. As we wrap up I would like to thank each and every member of this fleet for all you continually do here in Obsidian Fleet. See you next month. And as always, if you have questions, concerns, or want to pitch an idea for a news story or a simulation do not hesitate to reach out to me or any members of the Task Force Command Staff!


~Commodore Neil Harrington, TFXO Task Force 72



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