I’m happy to announce that Obsidian Fleet is the proud receipient of this year’s Squiddie (Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Role Playing) for Originality & Innovation.


From Ongoing Worlds

Obsidian Fleet, now its 18th year, continues to innovate and refine the simming experience for its members.  Built off of WordPress and using multiple plug-ins, the club’s new platform and website allow players to access, use, and transform nearly all fleet materials & information with a single login.  Minimal custom code was used to create this unique and useable interface, which has improved operations at every level from the Admiralty down to the individual sims & players.  Obsidian Fleet’s continual efforts to innovate drive its constant pursuit of improved simming & community excellence.

On behalf of the Fleet I’d like to thank Charles Starr and his team at OW for their award and whoever nominated us. It means a lot have the work we’ve put in so far on IFS2 recognised. Hopefully we’ll be winning more awards in the near future!



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