Fleetwide Notice: Starbase Reported Missing

A state of alert has been raised in the Loki Sector as the fleet’s main starbase of operations, Obsidian Command, was reported as missing, believed possibly destroyed.

Starships reported the sighting of a huge anomaly that appeared close to the starbase, pulling the station out of orbit before both the anomaly and the starbase itself disappeared completely. No wreckage has been found, but the starbase itself has not yet reappeared. No word has yet been given as to the whereabouts of the Joint Fleet Command during this incident.

Initial reports suggest the anomaly may have been similar to one encountered by the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, and Starfleet Command has been quick to place a limited quarantine on the Loki system pending further understanding of the anomaly and it’s cause.

Local fleet commanders have been issued alternative resupply locations until the situation has been resolved.