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August Gold UoM

With the changes in roles in the fleet it has been my privilege to take on Unit of Merits and to lead the charge in celebrating our successes. Bearing this in mind and with the fact this is slightly delayed as we didn’t want to announce it when the Captain could have missed it with how busy he has been it is my pleasure to announce Task Force 72’s August Gold UoM.

~Commodore Cornelius Harrington, Task Force 72 Executive Officer

“We all know the transition from Player to Commanding Officer, to fleet leadership isn’t an easy one.  It is hard enough, at times, balancing one game let alone several,. But Jake has done it in stride taking both the lumps and the bruises along the way.  He has approached this role with an open attitude and an open door. He is always willing to discuss, lend advice, or at times just listen. Equally, he is supported by a fantastic crew who continued to put force a creative and engaging community.  I am honored to work this combined a wonderful group of players the and therefore I would like to also of the USS Endeavour and her Commanding Officer for the Gold UoM Award.” 

~Captain Rueben Gregnol, Task Group 72B Commanding Officer 

“My nomination for the USS Endeavour is more of a personal one towards the CO, not only is he an awesome CO with mission ideas but an awesome Task Force Commanding Officer who in the time we have had him had turned the Task Force around and allowed it to recover from last years. He has brought in a different approach, gathering feedback and opening up a partnership between the TGCO’s that has seen the 72 thrive again. I expect to see many awesome adventures to come from Endeavour and the Task Force stories in the work.”

~Captain Lamar David, Task Force 72C Commanding Officer 

“I would like to nominate the Endeavour for a UoM.  Greg has served both as a CO and as a TFCO admirably.  You would expect the quality and participation of the CO to drop a bit as they take on more fleet responsibilities,but he continues to be the driving force behind his sim’s storylines and it shows in the high quality posts from everyone aboard the Endeavour.  All of 72 is thankful for his presence.”

~Commodore Yoshi Minawara, Task Group 72A Commanding Officer 

“I hereby nominate the USS Endeavour, and her commanding officer, for the UoM award.

First one needs context, as that sets everything in order. The crew of the Endeavour has taken in stride the divided attention that comes with a commanding officer that is a TFCO and done so in stride. Their post quality is as good as ever, and their engagement and community seems to be excellent. I took a chance to skim a few posts, and was surprised to see just how well they are doing.

Next, one must consider the Commanding Officer. Jake has done amazing work with the task force, helping to redefine areas where we had some slack, to add a TF wide arc and to bring the command team together in a way I just can’t imagine flourishing anywhere else. To us, I know he is a pillar on which we all can build upon and still draw strengths. And he is always active in helping make sure the task groups themselves are running as smooth as is possible, while also helping us to find new ways to make things better.

All this combined is while I feel the CO and the crew of the Endeavor are deserving of the UoM award, and active recognition for their contributions and efforts to not only this Task Force, but the Fleet at large”

… And finally 

Another announcement is the Communications Team has been working hard to update and gather nominations to create new images to celebrate our achievements for us all which I am really grateful for.

If there are any issues with the images please contact me to sort out by emailing [email protected] or on discord goldun#8667.