USS Pioneer Returns

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On May 28 2394, Empok Nor recieved some of the worst news that one could think of. The USS Pioneer had disappeared without a trace among a temporal explosion.

That explosion occurred deep in Cardassian space at the Choral Thia research facility. This facility ran by the Cardassian Science Council, Dr Tavik Zojal was in command of the station. Dr Zojal sent a distress signal which stated that the station would explode. The signal went on to say that there was a danger to the surrounding systems and to Cardassia Prime.

The USS Pioneer arrived on the scene within minutes of receiving the distress call. Yet, they were too late minutes after they arrived the station exploded. The explosion ripped a hole in time, and the Pioneer went into the rift with all hands on board. Search and rescue vessels left from Empok Nor. The Department of Temporal Investigations assisted in the rescue operations. They sent a vessel that had equipment and systems to handle situations like this one. Yet, all their efforts were to no avail.

So, over the next year and a half Starfleet and the DTI searched for the missing vessel. They attempted to get Cardassia to reveal Zojal’s research. The Detapa Council refused to declassify the doctor’s work. The families left behind on the station had no choice but to work and wonder. Wonder where or when their loved ones were. During this time two terrorist organizations have rose in power and presence. The first is calling themselves the New Maquis, and unlike their namesakes they do not have a cause. They seek nothing but revenge. The second has been attacking assets in Cardassia Prime. They are calling themselves the True Way. If this is a continuation of the previous group or something new we are not sure. The True Way is now led by former Cardassian military leaders. They are working together with the New Maquis for unknown purposes. They rose to power because of the Pioneer’s absence in the area.

In January of 2395 Captain Hood had the task of commanding the rescue operations as well. The DTI and most other participating bodies recalled their vessels. The Pioneer’s classification changed from search and rescue to lost with all hands. Yet Hood refused to give up. Despite orders from higher up, he sent out his crew and SAR teams from the station everyday.

In early October of 2395 a Gunnery Sergeant by the name of  Wilhelmina Wilson arrived at Empok Nor with her team. Her original orders, were to augment the Marine presence at the station. They would strike strategic enemy targets as ordered. Her team was not ready to let the Pioneer go. After she meets with Captain Hood, she took command of a small Argo Class vessel from Empok Nor. The vessel’s name the Williamette. Her mission was to find the Pioneer or evidence of it’s destruction.

Wilson’s Marines augmented by Lieutenant Rachele Lamberti, and Lieutenant Teneca Quinn. Together they managed to figure out what happened to the ship. The Pioneer and her crew had scattered into the multiverse. A technique to bring the crew home emerged. One where they would replicate the disaster but focus it. The technique worked and the team’s first target was the Pioneer itself. The ship emerged from the rift in the early hours of October 15 2395. The jubilation that came over the rescue team was short lived. As they realized that the ship was empty and a derelict in space.

The technique that brought the Pioneer back was then adapted for living matter. One by one the crew arrived back home. Sergeant Wilson held any comment on the Pioneer’s return from command. Once they found Captain Tyler Malbrooke she sent a coded message to Captain Hood. That message now declassified read “The Pioneer is back, they are back. Prepare a docking pylon.” There was jubilation aboard the Pioneer, the Williamette, and Empok Nor.

Over the next few weeks the crew of the USS Pioneer underwent some evaluations. These included psychiatric evaluations, medical evaluations, debriefings, and family reunions. When the dust settled the crew returned to duty aboard the Pioneer. Malbrooke filed the request for Sgt. Wilson’s transfer himself. He stated “The savior of my ship must serve aboard it.” She is now the First Sergeant for the USS Pioneer’s Marine Division. There are few reports from Cardassia on the incident. The only one on the subject is that Dr Zojal, believed killed in the explosion has returned to Cardassia.

The Pioneer is now on some well deserved shore leave and are off to Casperia Prime to enjoy that well earned leave. When they return from leave it will be a hard fought battle to get the terrorists at hand. That is another story for another day.

For now we celebrate the Pioneer’s return. The station is abuzz with parties and welcome back celebrations. I am Bart Gold for the Federation News Network reporting from Empok Nor in the Trivas System.