Sim Spotlight – Starbase 80 and Haumea Colony

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Each month we are going to be doing a ship spotlight and get words from the Commanding Officers of those ships. This month we caught up with two of the fleets newest and most unique sims – Starbase 80 and Haumea Colony.

We asked them some important questions about their ships like why they started the sims, Why that specific station/colony and the most important question this month why not just a ship why chose something out of the norm?

~ Lieutenant Commander Ajani Carter, Starbase 80

I wanted to start an rpg that was different than the others i had done. I have commanded Ships and a station in my time with OF but this one is different. My past story lines have been about cold wars and open conflict. While this one will indeed have those elements it will also focus upon character development and the introduction of a very old enemy. I got the idea for this from a set of era spanning trek books, as well as a dozen other places; and i am running with it, bringing them back to the Trek universe ready to reclaim hey space.

I think that what we are looking for as an rpg in our players are people who can write well in a group and on their own, i know it is hard to be creative when every rpg you’re in asks the same thing but this is the challenge of writing. Making a character who is new and exciting to write as, a new post or species or maybe even a new gender. I run my rpg’s as a group effort; meaning that everyone must take part, write their parts and encourage everyone else to write also. Not to say you carry but you write so well that you make everyone else pick up their game to be better.

This is the kind of thing i love to do, to write and write and to improve every time, to aim high and then aim higher still.

Lieutenant Commander Luka Mahone – Haumea Colony

The tale I wish to tell is of a Federation settlement, one that had vanished many years prior to what could be considered ‘current’ events. Any details have been tucked away, but by whom is a question left unanswered. Without the keys to those details, not even the highest brass at Starfleet has managed to uncover the mystery of what was once Eris Colony.

And in that, I would have much preferred a colony, or in specific the colony that was resettled above the site of the colony that had disappeared, as opposed to a starship. A colony allows a unique platform for storytelling in the universe. Focus turns from the ‘daily duties’ that appear on a starship or station and then turn to the characters, development, and the events around them. Haumea was created to allow for players to cultivate characters that they may not have been able to utilize prior, while still writing and collaborating with other players, not only to discover their own characters, but the secrets to the mystery that lies within.