Nominations For Year End Awards

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With the new year fast approaching and voting season just around the corner. I would like to announce the nominations for the year-end awards that were nominated on up until 9 pm GMT Sunday 16th December.  Voting will take place the end of January along with the award for Platinum Sim Of The year once the last gold Unit Of Merit awards are given out. Dates will be decided very soon so please keep an eye out.

If there are any issues please pm me.

Good luck to everyone. 


XO Of The Year

Quinn Ó Flannagáin – USS Pioneer
Shev Th’aziavak – USS Majestic
Ame Vovihl – USS Clepsydra
Valiyi Uhin – SS Mary Rose
Lilia Corbeau – USS Rhea
Ewan Darrow – USS Vesta
Gary Taylor – USS Elysium
Alexis Agrax – USS Cassiopeia

CO Of The Year

Tyler Malbrooke – USS Pioneer
Yoshi Minawara – USS Vesta
Tan’ato Tejera – USS Nightingale
Phoenix Lalor – USS Elysium

Character Of The Year

Eliza Diangelo – Langley Station
Asahi Kita – USS Clepsydra
Liselle Qwyyn – USS Elysium