Lore and Tech – January 2019

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Oh holy crap…. An actual report from the Lore and Tech guy…

Wait I’m the Lore and Tech guy… Welp…

Anyways, Howdy folks. It’s been a while but mostly because of work stuff. I’m back now and things are moving slowly but actually moving! In the past few weeks we’ve gotten some of our lore aspects done for our fleet lore project. We now have a write up on the status of the Breen and a working base for the Romulans. Next in line are the Klingons and the Cardassians! With a preliminary timeline for the fleet we know where we’re headed so we’ve got that going for us which is nice!

Finally our government list is almost done! We’re a few names short on it so if you have any name suggestions for the Federation Species (characters specifically, of all the main species and others that would be on the council) send them my way.

If you have any questions, lore or tech, any ideas for some new technology or a suggestion for the fleet send them to me. [email protected] is the email or you can find me on the Obsidian Fleet discord as Markstrom or some derivative of that!

See you in another 4 months when I finally remember to do one of these again!