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Obsidian Day Awards

Hello everyone.

As you all know back in February, we held fleet feedback month and some stuff came up around people not feeling that the writing was important so The Community Team worked hard behind the scenes to create something unique for Obsidian Fleets coming of age so to speak.

We created ten new awards that were specific for Obsidian Day and were announced at the event to celebrate our 18th year.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to give over some interesting nominations. When we decided these awards we didn’t just want the voting to be on anything other than the quality of the writing or person. With that in mind, I went to random people around the fleet who aren’t overly active in the wider community or grabbed people I vaguely knew from other fleets via Khitomer who wouldn’t know anyone but would look at the nominations and posts and judge them accordingly.

Not even the JFC knew what was happening until it was announced.

Community Awards
Obsidian’s Outstanding Player

Award for that special player who deserves recognition for those outstanding contributions he/she brings to a simulation and fleet as a whole.

Congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Hadley, USS Tranquillity 


Obsidian’s Outstanding Newcomer (Ship/colony/station)

Award for a new simulation since last Obsidian Day that brings a wealth of new adventures and interesting characters to the fleet.

Sadly there were no nominations for this award but I would like to say that there are some fantastic new ships that have arrived on the scene recently that are showing tons of potential and passion for plots, characters and communities. Really should check them out.


Obsidian’s Most Helpful Player

Award for that individual who brings a valuable contribution to the fleet.

Congratulations to Captain Barstow, USS Merlin


Obsidian’s Community Engagement Award

Award for that individual who goes that extra step to engage with the community.

Congratulations to Dulac 


Obsidian’s Valiant Volunteer

Award for that individual who has made a valiant effort for the fleet. Goes above and beyond for the community.

Congratulations to JFC


Gold PADD Awards
Golden PADD for outstanding creativity (Overall Ship)

Award for a ship that stands out with creativity not just your normal characters, missions or post.

Congratulations to all the crew of USS Vesta


Golden PADD for outstanding creativity (Individual)

Award for an individual who stands out with creativity not just your normal character or post.

Congratulations to Angus Murphy, USS Majestic


Golden PADD for outstanding Mission

Award based on an original mission where crew IC and OOC were tested and showed quality writing.

Congratulations to all the crew of SS Mary Rose


Golden PADD for outstanding Post

Award for a post that that stands out and blows the reader away with the quality.

Congratulations to all the crew of USS Clepsydra 


Golden PADD for best character storyline

Award for a character storyline that tests the writer and surprises the reader

Commander Adamya Ryon from USS Rhea / SS Mary Rose

My final words from the event other than the award images will be done asap is that we had some kind words came back from one of our judges. This judge was from another fleet and it speaks volumes about how awesome we are and how proud we should be of what we have achieved since last Obsidian Day.