An Interview with Commander Garrett Lovejoy

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Brief Interview with Ms Elisha Pryce-Randal – onboard Ship Reporter

EPR: What is your role in Starfleet? And what does it entail?

I am the senior aide to Commodore Mountbatten. My role entails the inspecting of command teams on starships as well as the crew. To make sure they follow Starfleet regulations. In addition to reporting those crews which are not performing to the best of their ability and to make changes wherever needed. In some cases even replacing Captains if the charges are serious enough.

EPR: What made you choose that line of work?

I am organized and I feel it is my duty to make sure the crews of a starship from the Captain to the lowest crewman are organized and able to do their jobs the correct way. The proper Starfleet way. I am what you would call a hard ass Miss Pryce-Randall. I don’t make excuses. I don’t expect to see Captains, Commanders and crews making excuses either. It takes no extra effort to be organized than it does to be a slob.

EPR: How do you handle the pressure that comes with being a Starfleet officer?

*Laughs* Pressure is what you make it Miss Pryce-Randall. I don’t feel pressure. I just do my job to the best of my ability. so the Commodore can do hers as well. However, in my free time, I do like to hunt big game, like deer and elk up in the mountains of Alaska. It is invigorating to be out in the open, breathing, clean, crisp fresh air and not recycled through massive air recyclers that are found on starbases or starships.

EPR: What would you say to a cadet aspiring to do what you do?

Be organized. Don’t take short cuts. There are reasons we have rules and regulations and it not just to look at them or read them in passing. Don’t let anyone or anything compromise your standards. Be true to yourself. This isn’t a popularity contest.

EPR: What is your favorite memory of your time at the academy?

I would say when I was named leader of Alpha Squadron. It showed that my peers and the instructors took in my hard work and adherence to rules and regulations and rewarded me accordingly. It was a defining moment. It proved that hard work is recognized and rewarded. It also showed that nothing is given freely, you have to earn it.

EPR: Do you have any funny tales to tell about your time in the Fleet?

Funny tales? Miss Pryce- Randall. My job is serious business. I don’t have time to engage in silliness. However, I do have some funny tales that abound about the Elysium and its child Captain, one Phoenix Lalor. She has no prior command experience she was appointed Captain by the Elysium’s previous CO after the ship had been lost in the Andromeda Galaxy for a year. When the ship returned home, Command refused to name a real Captain and left Lalor as the Elysium captain and it’s been one foul up after another. Do you know she even had her ship stolen? How incompetent can you be to allow that to happen? That was my first time hearing of Captain Lalor even though I didn’t actually meet her to late.

EPR: Thank you commander for your time