Obsidian Day Awards 2021 (Part 2)

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The Obsidian Day Awards were not the only awards that were given out on the night. Another award that was given out was a fleet-level award that has not been given out in the last four years as it has never been nominated for. Please remember you can talk to your Task Group Commander or Ehestri about anything award related at any point.

Silver Star Award

A player who demonstrates supreme postings, posts often, and plays his/her character “to the hilt” will receive this award. Arguably considered one of the highest honours a crew member can receive. This is also awarded at the fleet level for exemplary service, community engagement, and an overall good example of a model player.

I have two people that deserve to be recognised.


Calliope’s arc since OC started has been incredibly well thought-out and written. Nikki puts so much passion and excitement into her writing, and isn’t afraid to draw in others to help her creative process. Calliope’s storyline follows a great path: settling into a leadership role on OC, struggling to make sure everything is brought online again, managing her relationship with her husband, to then all come crashing down due to an ongoing medical issue and trying to emotionally rebuild as well as physically. Obviously, the arc isn’t finished (she’s been relieved of duty) but knowing where this is headed I’m excited and interested to see her journey continue. I’m genuinely honoured that I get to play a bit-part in that story; it’s made me think long and hard about my own character’s state of mind and his reaction to it; certainly, I’ve had to work hard to keep up!


This award is for supreme postings, posts often, and plays his/her character “to the hilt” which Jill does without question running Ely. She also has exemplary service and community engagement with running quiz and being TF47 XO’s as well as all the work she has been doing with projects behind the scenes to continue moving the fleet forward.

The last award is something that JFC wanted to give out is to the whole fleet. 2020 started off pretty appallingly and just was the year that kept giving into 2021 for some people. We do not need to go into specifics as we’ve all been around and know it but we wanted to do something to award the whole fleet for just continuing to be amazing people who are supporting, caring and uplifting other members of out community.

So every ship that is currently in the fleet is the winner of the Spiky Heart Award for surviving the craziness that has been the world since Last Obsidian Day.