Lore and Technology Report, June 2022

Written Bycam
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Already July?? June flew by. There has been a lot of new and interesting in Strange New Worlds, but we will be refraining from adding it until we’re past the point where it would be spoilers for a lot of folks.

There is some content I want to share though. We have a UFP Senate candidate who is making a splash. Here is his latest campaign speech. If you are interested, we are still open to political candidates. There is now a UFP Government simm page where you can create a candidate. But feel free to invent your own for use solely on your simm (there’s always some relatively unknown politico who can still cause all sorts of disruptions).

Lastly, Obsidian Day 2022 is on 30th July!

- Cam, Dark Mistress of Lore & Tech