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Founded in 2001, we're one of the world's oldest Star Trek Roleplaying & Collaborative Writing Communities
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    A different way to enjoy star trek

    We're a passionate community of collaborative writers and roleplayers who share their love for Star Trek by creating their own stories and characters in a shared universe.


    Write Stories with your friends

    Whether you’re a seasoned writer or roleplayer or just starting your collaborative writing journey, Obsidian Fleet is a great place to explore new ideas and connect with like-minded fans.

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    or create an adventure

    Become a Game Master and make your own adventures! No need for extra tools or software, we provide everything you need to start your roleplaying group!

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More than just a Star Trek Writing Community!

These are just some of the things we do. 

  • Collaborate & write

    Our members write together to create new collaborative fiction in the Star Trek, and other, universes using our collaborative writing platform.

  • Contribute & Share

    Contribute to the shared canon of our Star Trek universe, or create your own worlds within our Fleet Database.

  • run your own game

    We offer training and the support to run your own games on our writing platform. We can support a variety of different formats from live Discord to Tabletop!

  • regular events

    We host regular quizzes, games, and roundtable discussions. From our yearly Obsidian Day celebrations to games night with so much more in between there's something for everyone!

  • Available everywhere

    We're also on YouTube and have podcasts with discussions, panels, guides, and interviews with community members, providing diverse and insightful opinions!

  • An active community

    Our Discord server is the heart of our community, where members get together and talk about anything and everything. Some of it's even about Star Trek ...

    We don't just do Star Trek

    Our dedicated group - Task Force 47 - offers players the opportunity to create fictional worlds outside of Star Trek

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    Read our stories

    Our collective stories are open for everyone to read on the website, and you can share them via Mastodon.

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our community by the numbers

  • 300+


    Who write together to create the community for Star Trek Roleplaying and Collaborative Writing

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    to choose from! Whether it's Star Trek, or Marvel, or original works - we've got a range of games to choose from

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    Free to use

    All you need is a browser and time to write and you're good to go!

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Whether it's collaborative writing, roleplaying, or tabletop. Our community has something to offer everyone.

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