Age-Restricted Simulations

Obsidian Fleet is home to simulations that welcome all ages, though some of these simulations have had their Age Rating increased to allow them to tell stories otherwise restricted by a 13+ limitation.

Simulations that have been granted an age rating above the Fleet Standard must display the relevant disclaimer graphic on their websites front page and ensure they are updated on the relevant list.  It is the responsibility of the Commanding Officer to keep these records up to do date; if you have any questions please speak to your Task Force Commanding Officer.

Here is a list of simulations that have different age ratings throughout the Fleet;

Simulation NameTask ForceAge Rating
Camp Falkirk7218+
Starbase 804715+
Starbase Protector7215+
USS Valkyrie4718+
USS Elysium7218+
USS Merlin4715+