Character of the Year

Character of the Year 1

Fleet Level

This award is given annually in January of each year and is decided upon by nominations from ship COs. Sample posts are not required, but reasons for the nomination are. Sample posts should be available upon request though.

March 15, 2017: Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi, USS Merlin
March 6, 2016: Lieutenant Olsam Mott, Deleted Characters
March 14, 2015: Lieutenant Matthew T. Plumeri, Starbase 80
February 20, 2014: Major Harmon Post, Deleted Characters
February 20, 2014: Chief Warrant Officer Curither Bran, Deleted Characters
January 29, 2012: Lieutenant Commander Kestra Elburn, Deleted Characters
January 18, 2011: Civilian Tharek Getal, Deleted Characters
January 23, 2010: Lieutenant Jean-Pierre LaSalle, Deleted Characters
February 13, 2009: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ador Shran, Deleted Characters
January 31, 2008: Lieutenant Commander Tommy Alexander Robertson, Deleted Characters
February 12, 2007: Civilian Li ‘Jax’ Jaxon, Deleted Characters
January 21, 2006: Lieutenant Commander Evan Yearling, USS Hiroshima
January 17, 2005: Lieutenant Commander tI’hoH, Deleted Characters
December 16, 2003: Lieutenant Telsia Donos, Deleted Characters

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