Outstanding Character Award

Outstanding Character Award 1

Fleet Level

This award recognizes the efforts put forth by a crew member; as recognized by his/her fellow crew members, and Commanding Officer.

Nomination and Selection for this award is on a continual basis, nominations shall be given to the Task Force Commanding Officer who will decide on the validity of the nomination. Nominations should contain a detailed explanation for the nomination. Once done the nomination will forwarded to the Awards Director for awarding. Should the Task Force Commanding Officer be nominated the Awards Director shall decide validity of the nomination. It should be noted that the Awards Director shall have the final say on the Awarding of the award.

July 26, 2015: Chief Warrant Officer Test Hero, Deleted Characters
July 1, 2012: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Sera Toryn, Deleted Characters
January 8, 2012: Crewman First Class Aidan Datari, Deleted Characters

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