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Whoopi Goldberg Diversity Ribbon

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Whoopi Goldberg Diversity Ribbon


Sim Level

Awarded for the successful portrayal of a non-human character aboard a simulation.

In the interest of diversity, this award is granted to individuals who have done an exemplary job writing and developing their non-human characters. Playing ruthless Romulans, killer Klingons, freeloading Ferengi, clever Cardassians, benevolent Bajorans, vigilant Vulcans, aspiring Andorians and any others, while doing so in an excellent fashion, is worthy of recognition.

This award can also be used to commend those players who support other diversity factors in real life and our sims, including race, gender identity, ethnicity, and more.

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May 21, 2017: Lieutenant Dyhei Liducca, USS Elysium
May 21, 2017: Lieutenant Matias Grronkil, USS Elysium
May 21, 2017: Lieutenant Sthilg , USS Elysium
May 21, 2017: Lieutenant Commander Liselle Qwyyn, USS Elysium
April 24, 2017: Lieutenant Ian Acainus, USS Defiant
April 24, 2017: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ang, USS Defiant
January 3, 2017: Ensign Surovec, USS Defiant
January 3, 2017: Ensign Anastasia Harper, Deleted Characters
May 29, 2016: Lieutenant Commander L’Mina, Deleted Characters
February 2, 2016: Commander Orsaya Ingarn, Starbase Protector
February 2, 2016: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Richard Ballston, Starbase Protector
January 31, 2016: Captain Zrakk Vilenor, Deleted Characters
November 26, 2015: Lieutenant Commander Tyrlai Zade, USS Portland
November 26, 2015: Lieutenant Jason Anderson Beauvoir, USS Portland
November 26, 2015: Captain Alenis Meru, USS Portland
October 15, 2015: Lieutenant Commander L’Mina, Deleted Characters
September 30, 2015: Ensign Rhela, Deep Space Five
May 27, 2015: Commander Nilani Azulas, Deleted Characters
October 2, 2014: Lieutenant Farkas Vanth, Deleted Characters
September 29, 2014: Lieutenant Commander Njikes Karulean, Starbase Protector
July 20, 2014: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) K’Vagh Son of Ma’Vok, Deleted Characters
June 18, 2014: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Zero One One & One Zero One, Deleted Characters
February 1, 2014: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Tal’jan Mirok, Deleted Characters
September 27, 2013: Lieutenant Morg Mev, Deleted Characters
July 7, 2013: Senior Chief Petty Officer Richard Alen Ballston, Deleted Characters
June 24, 2013: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Haku Volkov, Deleted Characters
May 4, 2013: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Alisha Reno, Deleted Characters
April 27, 2013: Commander Sae’hir Morin, Deleted Characters
April 23, 2013: Lieutenant Commander Ewont’Ost Menkova, Deleted Characters
March 31, 2013: Ensign Eric Gomez PhD, Deleted Characters
March 24, 2013: Civilian Sherlock, Deleted Characters
January 31, 2013: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Alisha Reno, Deleted Characters
October 3, 2012: Commander Zerena S’ssitho Whitepaw, Deleted Characters
September 23, 2012: Cadet Zero One One & One Zero One, Deleted Characters
August 15, 2012: Lieutenant Commander Dorian Gabriel, Deep Space Five
August 15, 2012: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Saria Rex, Deleted Characters
January 9, 2012: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Lylja Tigerlilly, USS Apollo
December 15, 2011: Second Lieutenant Emrys Atriedes, Deleted Characters
December 15, 2011: Crewman Third Class Ru’sientia D’ardaigh, Deleted Characters
November 14, 2011: Cadet Celes Rhonar, Deleted Characters
July 5, 2011: Civilian Arrienye ir-Elehu t’Merek, Deleted Characters
June 24, 2011: Civilian Ufalla Zlan, Deleted Characters
March 29, 2011: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Niora R’Tara, Deleted Characters
March 29, 2011: Ensign Shibo M’Ress, Deleted Characters
December 2, 2010: Ensign Marin, Deleted Characters
November 2, 2010: Commander Isha T`Vaurek, Deep Space Five
September 11, 2010: Cadet Lylja Tigerlilly, USS Apollo
September 11, 2010: Cadet Lucretia Ravenwood, Deleted Characters
August 10, 2010: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Nefertiti bint Abdelkadr al-Farud, Deleted Characters

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