William Riker XO of the Year

William Riker XO of the Year 1

Fleet Level

This award is given annually in January of each year and is decided upon by nominations from ship COs. One XO is chosen from the nominations recieved to recieve the award. Sample posts are not required, but reasons for the nomination are. Sample posts should be available upon request though.

January 4, 2017: Commander Elisad (Elie) Amar Dr., USS Asgard
March 6, 2016: Lieutenant Commander Tan’ato Tejera, Deleted Characters
March 14, 2015: Commander Jean-Pierre LaSalle, Deleted Characters
February 20, 2014: Commander Isha T`Vaurek, Deep Space Five
February 20, 2014: Captain Jonathan Holliday, Deleted Characters
January 29, 2012: Commander Aaron Guilder, Deleted Characters
March 13, 2011: Commander Fiona Bennett, Deleted Characters
January 23, 2010: Commander Robert Atherton, Deleted Characters
February 13, 2009: Commander Arielle H’Nara, Deleted Characters
February 12, 2007: Captain Thomas ORyan, Deleted Characters
January 21, 2006: Commander Kassha Nitai, Deleted Characters
December 5, 2004: Commander Lily Zhou, Deleted Characters
July 30, 2004: Lieutenant Commander Tallik Imkahatt, Deleted Characters

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