Monthly Writing Competition

It has been discussed a lot recently on our discord channel and a few survey entries already have suggested that people want to be able to show off their writing to more than just the other players on their ships. So here we are creating a brand-new monthly writing competition.

It will promote the stories and writers of our fleet as much as possible as all entries will be linked back to the site they came from and the winner/winners will have the entry published in fall.

We have gathered the judges and it seemed only fair in the month of love that we pick love as our first theme. We do not just mean the romantic love, it could be the love of a good holo program, or simply loving of life.

We know some ships are slower than others so we are always going to have three months themes showing so you can prepare and weave it into your stories.

February – Love
March – Action
April – Beginnings

Our Aims For The Competition

  • To inspire and encourage all writers.
  • To discover and promote all ships who enter players.
  • To share our enthusiasm for writing in Obsidian Fleet with as many people as possible.
  • And to have fun writing a new theme each month that might not necessarily fit the theme you usually write.

Rules of the competitions

  • The monthly writing competition is open to all writers on ships of Obsidian Fleet.
  • One entry per person, per ship.
  • All entries have to be 1/1/1 or PG13.
  • Can be a joint post, solo post, personal log but must be over 500 words and all players must be named.
  • They must correspond to the theme of the month.
  • Entries will be read and judged anonymously.
  • No judges can enter.
  • All entrants must agree to have their writing published on Obsidian Fleet’s website and social media.
  • Entries must be posted on simm between 1st day and last day of the month (apart from February where you get to 6th of March this time due to lateness in announcing).
  • All entries must be nominated to [email protected] by 5th of the following month. (March 5th for February, April 5th for March etc) with the site link and email address of writers.

Good Luck Everyone