USS Arcadia – Jan 2021 Report

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USS Arcadia – Jan 2021 Report

Sim Updates

None for the moment but big plans on the near future!

Crew Updates

Newcomers Characters:
Lieutenant JG Raiden Kosugi
Chief Flight Control Officer

Outgoing Characters:
None... You can skip this section

All the Arcadia crew are winners!

We all deserve promotions, but we are all waiting on the Federation Counsel to pass the annual budget and for the Federation President to sign it into law.

Story Elements

With an unexpected turn of events of a reassignment and new crew, Captain David Hawkins finds himself working to find his footing. For so long, he was the one fighting the system, and how... he is pulled back into the system. So with the new ship, and new crew, the captain leads them on a shakedown cruise, but will this make him a better man and a leader once again? Or will this truly cause him to throw in the towel?

Other Information

Plan is to wrap up the current mission and see us launch into a multi-mission



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