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Artemis NX-14 – December 2020

Artemis NX-14 – December 2020

Sim Updates

Nothing new to report at this time. However, we do have an application processing for a crew position. So that is something that we are looking forward to. There have been no new aspects to added to the website.

Crew Updates

The only update to the crew at this time is the pending application. There will be more on that in next month's report.

Story Elements

The Artemis has arrived on the scene of the crime. The Federation President is taken away and safe for the time being. It seems that one of his closest aides has been killed. Captain Kidd and the crew of the Artemis believe that the aide was murdered and that the intended target was the President. The question now is whether or not the killer is close to the President. Can the crew of the Artemis save the President and put a stop to this desperate attack on the fledgling Federation?

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