Artemis NX-14 – February 2021

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Artemis NX-14 – February 2021

Sim Updates

There have been no major changes to the sim or the website this month. We spent the month concentrating more on the writing and I think it shows. March is going to be recruitment month on the Artemis. We hope to gain at least two more crew members bringing us up to six at that time.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
There are have been no departing crew members this month.

Leave of Absence
No one is on Leave of Absence at this time

New Crew Members
There are no new crew members to report at this time.

Awards & Promotions
There are no awards or promotions to announce at this time

Story Elements

Patriot Games
Commander Ray Trapp has died while having lunch with the President of the Federation. The cause of death is poisoning. The question for the Artemis crew right now is was the poison meant for Ray or for the President. The Artemis' forensic specialists have an appointment with the President to find out. What does this possible assassination attempt mean for the new Federation. Only Captain Marc Kidd and his crew can find out.

Other Information

This month has finally seen the Artemis get to the starting point of where I hoped it would be. The plot is off and running and our posts are going up. This is a banner month for the Artemis. The hope now is to keep it going. We have about two and a half posts per writer and I could not be happier this month.



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