Artemis NX-14 – July 2020

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Artemis NX-14 – July 2020

Sim Updates

The Artemis is still gathering its crew before they go out there and start investigating crimes. The website is finally complete and we have begun writing.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
We have no departing crew members at this time.

Leave Of Absence
All crew members are present and accounted for at this time.

New Crew Members
The Artemis is proud to welcome Ensign Sophia Tremane. She will be joining us as a Crime Scene Investigator in our Armory Department. Welcome aboard Sophia.

Awards & Promotions
There are no awards or promotions to announce at this time.

Story Elements

The Artemis is at Starbase 104 as Admiral Ford and Captain Kidd get the rest of the crew picked and settled on the ship. Meanwhile the crew become acclimated to their new vessel and to each other. Meanwhile the first Federation President prepares for a diplomatic visit to Andorra. The Andorian delegation to the Federation is pleased by this show of honor and respect.

Other Information

I am hoping to get the rest of the crew by the end of the next month. Once the crew is full this ship can leave dock and begin to tell the stories that I have dreamed of for this niche sim. A Star Trek based crime drama.

3202 words this month among 5 writers which averages out to about 1.2 posts per writer for the month. That is right in the ballpark and I am overjoyed by those numbers for a brand new sim.



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