Artemis NX-14 – September 2020

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Artemis NX-14 – September 2020

Sim Updates

We are still actively recruiting. Until we manage to get at least one more writer the ship remains in dock. We are writing get to know you posts and the like, The first mission is up and is a good one, an assassination attempt is made on the Federation President and the crew has to catch the assassin and bring them to justice in a mission titled "Patriot Games"

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
No one has left the Artemis thankfully. The crew is slowly bonding into a tight knit community.

Leave of Absence
No one is on a leave of absence at this time.

New Crew Members
We are proud to welcome Captain Asher Stagg who takes command of the Artemis' MACO detachment. Welcome aboard Captain.

Awards & Promotions
There are no awards or promotions to announce at this time

Story Elements

The Artemis is at Starbase 104 as Admiral Ford and Captain Kidd get the rest of the crew picked and settled on the ship. Meanwhile the crew become acclimated to their new vessel and to each other. Meanwhile the first Federation President prepares for a diplomatic visit to Andorra. The Andorian delegation to the Federation is pleased by this show of honor and respect.

Rear Admiral Ford meets with Captain Kidd and the Presidential Security Advisor in an effort to assist in planning the Diplomatic mission.

Other Information

Spirits remain high as we search for one more crew member and then off we will go.



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