Gladiator Aug 2020 Report

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Gladiator Aug 2020 Report

Sim Updates

Going to keep this short and sweet as I'm still camping and on vacation.

Gladiator has started its new mission titled Dream Catcher:

Site has a new skin thanks to TF29 CO. Shout out to him. Thank you, sir! Working on recruiting to get us more activities.

Crew Updates

New Arrival:
Lieutenant J.G. Evalyn Toral

Outgoing Members:
Lieutenant Junior Grade Elodia Jones (joined but never was active)

Story Elements

None at this moment but more to come for next mission which will link what is going on with Obsidian Command Station.

Other Information

None at this time. Again, still on LOA and XO is running the sim at this time.



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Posted: August 31, 2020 9:11 am
Updated: September 1, 2020