Haumea Colony – April 2020

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Haumea Colony – April 2020

Sim Updates

Everything is as was from last month.

Crew Updates

Due to life events, we have had to let go of our Civilian Director. Which means that's exactly what we're looking for!

Open Positions

Chief Science Officer - HIGH NEED
Chief Engineering Officer - HIGH NEED
Chief Medical Officer - HIGH NEED


Story Elements

Story elements remain as follows:

The time for consequences has come. Within the past eight months, a ship has exploded, civilian unrest is high, and orders have been left all but ignored. Captain Luka Mahone is taken off of the colony while he answers for his actions, leaving the members of the crew to deal with the likes of Commander Koplo, who is ready to institute changes on the colony as a whole. All the while, news of a civilian science group and Romulan colonists whisk through the rumor mill, causing all sorts of commotion!

Other Information

Statistics are also as follows:

Members: 8 (1 on ELOA)
Post Count: 3
Post Participation: 8



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