Haumea Colony – Aug-19

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Haumea Colony – Aug-19

Sim Updates

Once again, business as usual. Most of the members have had their own busy times, and we've been pretty active! Slow work on the back end to streamline Haumea's site and communications with potential members is a go!

Crew Updates

We've obtained a Chief Scientist! A one Lieutenant Winford Simril PhD has joined our ranks, and he'll be a fine addition to the cause of exploration and SCIENCE! To those who wish to join, please note the below positions, take a look at the site, or toss me a line on discord! We'll be happy to have you!

Open Starfleet Positions

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Multiple Sub Departmental Science Chiefs
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief of Strategic Operations

Open Civilian Positions
Head of Medical
Head of Engineering
Chief Logistician
Business Owners!

Story Elements

The bulk of our mission has not quite lifted off the ground yet, due to life circumstances. However, we have a lot planned, and it's a great time to peep in and see what's up!

Other Information

The post flow this month was a bit slower, but most of our posts are establishing posts for our new members. We're working on multiple that I hope will be out by next month.



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