Haumea Colony – December 2020

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Haumea Colony – December 2020

Sim Updates

Phew, what a month! We had a slow-moving month, as per usual for us during the holidays, but we had some traction! The website finally received an official word count mod, and our rating has officially moved from the 13+ it was at before to the Obsidian Fleet's standard of 2-2-2 (with permission of course). Minor edits to the site past that.

Crew Updates

We have unfortunately lost our Assistant Chief of Security, and have had our ELOAs continue. One is set to expire soon, and hopefully we'll have one of our scientists return as soon as possible. Recruitment drives for another scientist, a doctor, and an operations officer will start full force as the new year hits.

Story Elements

As Frizzle begins to heat up, we have officially said goodbye to some old faces and old habits, and hello to new ones. This also brings us to an eve of bubbling conversation of taking our hapless group of kids to the totally safe Kocoa mines, where our main mission will take place.

Other Information

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