Haumea Colony – December 2021

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Haumea Colony – December 2021

Sim Updates

The month of December is always slow at Haumea. We wind down from our respective holidays and busy schedules and get ourselves ready for our next big thing. In this case, it's our newest mission, titled Roll With It! The denizens of Haumea have found themselves face to face with a forcefield over the city proper. What will they do? Tune in and find out!

Crew Updates

No new crew updates this month, but the following positions are still available!

Open Positions!
Chief Science Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief of Flight Operations

Story Elements

Aside from a delightful, Christmas-themed post, our impact past the simulation itself is minimal. Especially this month, with posts worked on are winter and holiday themed and bridge between missions.

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