Haumea Colony – Feb 2020

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Haumea Colony – Feb 2020

Sim Updates

There have been big changes in Haumea since last month! Some have been bad, but some have actually been quite good! With Obsidian Fleet's big technology lore dump, I've had a chance to (finally) take a look at what the Colony-class has to offer, and while no changes have been made, there are quite a few aspects that I've discovered and would love to implement in the simulation! This works in line with the ideas we have for the simulation as a whole, as we are truly trying to build up the lore of the colony itself (see below).

There are big changes brewing with all the other changes that have shifted. I'm excited to report this, and will be much more excited to report everything else in the coming months, including a shift in department structure to match a colony's needs, as well as a shift in civilian structure to hopefully help give people ideas and a spark to play on that end as well.

Crew Updates

Sadly, due to differences in play style, we have had to remove the flight controller of our simulation. We do wish her the best in all her simming endeavors.

There has also been a shift in the Command Staff structure on the OOC end, so it will be reflected ICly in the coming months. Our former XO has stepped down due to time and technology constraints, but we have someone who is going to step into the role and help roll out what I hope will be the best changes yet for the colony!

Open Positions

Chief Science Officer - HIGH NEED
Chief Engineering Officer - HIGH NEED
Chief Medical Officer - HIGH NEED

Multiple Civilian Positions!

Story Elements

The timeline for Canary is slowly petering out to an end point, which is truly a transition into our new Mission, titled Equivalent Exchange!

The time for consequences has come. Within the past eight months, a ship has exploded, civilian unrest is high, and orders have been left all but ignored. Captain Luka Mahone is taken off of the colony while he answers for his actions, leaving the members of the crew to deal with the likes of Commander Koplo, who is ready to institute changes on the colony as a whole. All the while, news of a civilian science group and Romulan colonists whisk through the rumor mill, causing all sorts of commotion!

How will the colonists react? Will everyone be able to co-exist peacefully, or will disagreements spark colony conflict?

Other Information

Just the stats!

Players: 9 (1 on ELOA)
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