Haumea Colony – May 2021

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Haumea Colony – May 2021

Sim Updates

The month of May passed by so quickly, I felt like I just wrote my last report two days ago! That being said, Haumea has seen a slower than usual month due to various life events. That doesn't mean we haven't had some activity!

Otherwise, the site is business as usual.

Crew Updates

No new crew members, though I am fielding a potential member currently.

Open Positions!
Chief Security Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief of Flight Operations
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Story Elements

The storyline has taken a small breather while we've been trying to keep up to date on our own lives. That being said, there is slow movement to the ending of our mission and into our next one. Small details throughout the whole mission will carry through to the next one, so I look forward to seeing what our crew come up with.

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