Haumea Colony – October 2020

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Haumea Colony – October 2020

Sim Updates

We managed to squeak through some posts and the like despite multiple hiccups to the plan. The mission Equivalent Exchange will close out soon, once we let all our plot points close out proper, and Frizzle will be what we transition into sooner rather than later. I'm hoping for a good November!

Crew Updates

We had a potential member appear, but no one new has joined. We have one member who's had life stuff come up major. An Activity Check of sorts is planned for November to liven everything up and shake the tree in a way that's hopefully more exciting than just the typical activity check.

Starfleet Open Positions

Chief Medical Officer - HIGH IMPORTANCE
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Flight Operations Officer
Multiple Assistant Chiefs

Open Civilian Positions

Head of Hospital
Chief of Haumea Police - HIGH IMPORTANCE
Business Owners
Your Great Ideas!

Story Elements

The colony's semi-absence of Captain Luka Mahone has gone noticed. Bits and pieces shifted, civilians now lay in unrest at the idea of Marines moving to the colony's grounds. All the while, a small weapons demonstration opened up a new discovery, and that new discovery takes the group out of Equivalent Exchange's events and into the (belatedly) spooky events upcoming!

Other Information

Overall Word Count for the Month: 8805



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