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Haumea Colony – October 2021

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Haumea Colony – October 2021

Sim Updates

The simm has seen a real slow month this month, for better or for worse. We have a lot of posts waiting in the wings, but not a lot out right now. Slow as that is, I foresee us having a decent November because of the hard work that the group is putting into what's being worked on now.

Crew Updates

No new crew updates!

Open Positions!
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief of Flight Operations
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Story Elements

Frizzle is very nearly officially complete with the addition of a couple more posts, which are mentioned earlier. People are starting to gear up toward a mid-mission section where we tie up all our loose ends, but I'll report on the details of that next month.

Other Information



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Posted: October 31, 2021 9:57 pm
Updated: November 1, 2021