July Simm Report USS Archimedes

July Simm Report USS Archimedes

Sim Updates

Started new mission, updated mission on site appropriatly

Crew Updates

Executive Officer Jek'Lar Son of Koss left due to life issues.
Lt. JG Eneme Soroth has joined as Chief Counselor

Story Elements

The Archimedes has departed Star Base and is entering the Investigation Area where the Gravitational anomalies have occurred. Initial sensor reading shows the tattered and crushed Hull of a Merchant ship reported missing in the area. The Science department is running first scans

Medical and Counseling are preparing for wounded possible on the two colonies that have been out of Communication.

The ship is just entering search and not all fact have been scanned yet. The plot moves as we encounter the missing ship, it will progress next to the Station and mining Area on the forth planet. Scans will show the devistation once we are scanning it and any survivors fron an attack must be brought aboard as the habitat will be scanned as destroyed and survivors hiding in tunnels below surface.

Other Information

It was a slow month with the Virus conditions. The ACMO is posting with new player and crew after ELOA, first time I have honor of writing with him.



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