Tranquility – Jun-19

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Tranquility – Jun-19

Sim Updates

There was some hosting trouble that we had to deal with, but it's not visible or relevant. It might mean things move in a new direction in the near future, but we narrowly avoided a disaster and everyone can be proud of that.

Crew Updates

We welcome One of Four to engineering, and Elise Nyx to Flight Control! We are likely to see a couple more new faces, and sadly will be seeing the last of one member. Things are changing, and that's positive!

Story Elements

A team of specialists descends into a crowd of celebrant aliens with the task establishing first contact. Meanwhile, the crew left aboard the ship rush to repairs, and search for clues as to the fate of their missing friends and colleagues.

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Posted: July 1, 2019 2:59 am
Updated: July 1, 2019